Silicon Destiny is an oral history told in the words of the principals who created the ASIC industry. Rob Walker is the first "insider" to write a non-fiction book about the people of the semiconductor industry. Walker, a Silicon Valley technologist for the last 30 years is a founder of LSI Logic, a billion dollar semiconductor company based in Silicon Valley. 
  • Walker and other semiconductor veterans recount the good times of start-ups and the high growth as well as the bad times of layoffs and failures while growing the ASIC market.
  • Wilf Corrigan describes the factors which led him to build semiconductor manufacturing capability in England, Germany and later to close them.
  • Joe Costello shares his vision of Cadence and the secrets of successful EDA mergers
  • Jack Carsten recounts technical and business factors which derail Intel's entry into the ASIC marketplace.
Silicon Destiny is a hardbound, 280-page book complete with 8 pages of photos. The book can be ordered directly by contacting Walker Research Associates. The worldwide price is $29.95 postpaid: checks only please. 

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